Ají de Gallina Tartlets – Old Fashioned Glamour on Your Table

Years ago, these lovely tartlets -or hojarascas as we call them in Peru– were ever present at the hors d´oeuvre table in every cocktail or dinner party. Despite being so popular in the past, they were eventually  relegated to the old fashioned department, as more chic and sophisticated nibbles became in vogue and replaced them. As I’m always thinking of new and old recipes to share with all of you here, I thought it would be a good idea to revamp these adorable and delicious bites, for old times sake, and to give you a taste of Lima in the past.

These tartlets may look time consuming, but it is quite the opposite. The delicate pastry doesn’t have to be baked at home, but can be conveniently bought at a grocery store or a bakery instead. The only thing you will need to do is prepare the aji de gallina, and fill up the shells. You can even have the stuffing ready in advance, (a great idea is to use leftovers to make this), and just heat it up when you want to assemble your hojarascas. Nobody will guess such good looking finger food took so little work to make.

Place about 1/2 tablespoon of aji de gallina in each tartlet, garnish with 1/4 hard-boiled quail egg, and parsley leaves. You may add a black olive slice too. Serve immediately in a pretty serving dish lined with a paper doily, and with cocktail napkins on the side.

Note: Don´t put these tartlets together in advance because after a couple hours the pastry becomes soggy from the filling.

Serve with cocktails or white wine.


  1. I did these for Cultural Diversity Week in Melbourne last year, they were a great success! 😀

  2. they don’t sell them where I live in need full recipe for the tartlets. where can I find it? I know how to make the Aji de Gallina

    Thank you

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