Happy Mama’s Month! Time to cook for HER!

Welcome May! What a great month this is! Not cold yet in the South, but already warm in the North… And so many long weekends around the world! But probably the single most important reason that  makes May a special month, is that we celebrate Mother’s Day right in the middle of it. Althought I’m a big advocate that Mother’s Day (just like Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Earth Day, Christmas…) should be celebrated EVERY day, or at least ANY day, I still find it to be a nice tradition that many people stop their live’s craziness for that one time of the year, to focus their entire attention on the person that is responsible for their existence and for most of their sweet childhood memories.

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to spend family time cooking together, and bonding over a table full of warm, slow-cooked food. This is an ideal day to dress up a bit, decorate that dining table with colorful flowers, and put our favorite music on. Luckily, this is still the way people eat every day in many cultures. In places like Peru, a lot of families bond over food not 3 times a year, but 3 times a day! Maybe that is why we are so fond of eating. But for those who have lost this tradition, this is a wonderful occasion to celebrate food, and family, and everything that is nourishing in our lives, because that’s exactly what mothers represent.

Throughout the next couple of weeks we will give you a few ideas for that special day of the month. In the video below, we give you the first: a Chocolate Pudding Cake that Chef Aarón Sánchez , star of Food Network’s “Chopped” and “Heat Seekers” (we love him!), has created together with Sierra Mist Natural, to honor the tradition of cooking at home and eating together. I think this would be the perfect dessert to make for Mother’s Day. After all, what mom doesn’t love chocolate?

And if just having this recipe wasn’t good enough, we’re also giving away an amazing prize that includes: signed cookbooks, a white Sierra Mist t-shirt, green Sierra Mist coolers, a Frisbee and a Sierra Mist Bag, all for one lucky winner. Now that would be a great present for Mother’s Day, wouldn’t it?

All you have to do is follow us on FB or Twitter, and tell us here what you’re gonna cook for Mother’s Day. **

Happy month to all mamas out there, and especially to the biggest mama of all, the Pachamama!


**The giveaway is open to US residents only. We will draw the winner at random on Wednesday, May 9th.

**This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connectand Sierra Mist Natural, however all the comments and opinions in the post are our own.



  1. I still haven’t decided what to do with my mother and sister for Mother’s Day. My mom is so picky. It’s so much pressure to please her!

  2. Oh, lovely picture.

    I want a chocolate pudding cake for Mother’s day!

  3. I love reading posts like these and seeing old pictures. They remind me of my own family. This year, my mom will actually be here visiting for Mother’s Day and I have no idea what I should cook! Yikes!

  4. Oh my gosh she’s gorgeous. Hurray for all the madres that have sacrificed so much for their children! I’ll be looking forward to your series of different things to cook for Mami. I have such a hard time cooking for my mom– she’s so picky and set in her ways! And, she rules the kitchen. lol.

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