Madre Mar – We Welcome Spring With This Short Video

Once again, I’m here posting videos that I find through my friends on Facebook. One has got to admit that we get invaluable information through social media nowadays. This awesome little documentary was made by a group of 5 friends trying to make mother nature’s voice heard through them. I’m always amazed by people who put the time and effort and energy to do things just for the sake of doing them, or for a cause that is greater than them and their limited selfish interests. Lots of us care deeply about many things that don’t affect us directly, but how often do we go out there and do something about it?

The Peruvian sea is the richest in the world, and it’s being depredated by industrial fishing and contamination. Something needs to be done if we don’t want complete species to vanish from our waters in the next few years, and if we want to keep enjoying the magic of the sea on our tables and kitchens.The film is in Spanish, but hopefully you’ll get the message. Delia Ackerman, Mariana Tschudi, Brisa Deneumostier, Belén Alcorta, Sebastián Silva & friends, our respect.



  1. Buen corto. Les recomiendo esta presentación de Dan Barber titulada: “How I fell in love with a fish”:

    Para mantener el pescado en un ecosistema vivo y saludable, todo se basa en una buena relación.

  2. Thanks very much for helping us spread this video, and thanks even more for your nice written intro. We feel every hour of work was worth it when we see the effect is having in people around us.

  3. Me encanto el corto, esta super bien hecho y de verdad da impresion ver como se contamina el mar y como pescan sin tener conciencia!!!

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