fish and seafood

Shrimp Escabeche with Causa – Two favorites in one dish

Hajime – Nikkei food at its best in Ache Cafe

Arroz Con Mariscos (Rice With Seafood) – Eating Abundance

Choritos a la Chalaca (Mussels Callao-Style) – Easy, Healthy And Delicious

Is it Carpaccio? Is it Sashimi? No! It’s Tiradito!

The tiradito, a lighter version of the ceviche, without the intensity of the raw onion.

Palta rellena, two better halves

Chicharrón de Pescado, Fish Fritters That Will Make You a Believer

Pisco is Peru. Yet another celebration

Madre Mar – We Welcome Spring With This Short Video

Cebiche, the sexy star of Peruvian cuisine

Cebiche Classic - The Sexy Star of Our Coasts