Mamey (or Lucuma) Smoothie – Creamy, sweet, and healthy

Have you tried a fruit called lucuma? If you’re from Peru, I already know the answer. But if you’re from abroad, you may or may not have tried it, and if you have, chances are you’ve had it in a powder, and used it to sweeten your healthy desserts or as a superfood to enhance your diet.

In Peru we don’t eat it this way. Instead, we use it fresh in many dessert preparations (ice creams, mousses, cheesecakes, and tres leches can all be enhanced with this fruit, to give you just a few examples). This fruit is very nutritious, but most of us spend our lives without even knowing this. For us, it’s just the best dessert flavor there is.

So today, I would like to share with you a smoothie recipe I recently made. It’s almost impossible for me to find fresh lucuma here in New York, but there’s one fruit from Central America that has a very similar taste and is more readily available. I’m talking about sapote, or mamey. This seasonal, vegan smoothie can be made with either of these fruits, just make sure they’re very ripe so they give this drink the best of their creaminess and sweetness!

Click HERE for the recipe.


  1. peruvian food is one of the best in this part of the city of Fort Lauderdale in Florida. My wife and I have eaten the best seafood. I recomindo Peruvian ceviche

  2. Renata Santillan says:

    Where do you find sapote in New York?

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