Paneton French Toasts – Making the best of your leftovers

Christmas may be over, but homes are still filled with December leftovers. In Peru, that means one thing: Paneton. Our version of the Italian panettone is by far the most popular product during the holidays, and most people probably have a few slices still lingering in their kitchens.

For them, and for anyone who loves either panettone, or French toasts, we wanted to share the Paneton French toast with aguaymantos recipe we created for You can also read more about the history of this tradition, and even learn how to make a paneton from scratch, in this other article we wrote for the same website.

For other fun ways to use your paneton leftovers, check out our Paneton Bread Pudding, or our Paneton Filled with Ice Cream (especially handy for those who are enjoying the Peruvian summer right now!).


  1. Que linda idea de aprovechas lo que sobra de Panetón y usarlo de diferentes maneras, yo amo el panetón!!!

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