14 Aphrodisiac And Romantic Foods For Valentine’s Day (or Any Other Day!)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We love celebrating love, whether it’s on a fixed day like today, or any other day of the year. So here’s a list of our sexiest dishes to spice up your V-Day celebration or to make for your loved one any time you want to make him/her feel loved and special.

Cheers to love!

1.Palta rellena (stuffed avocado). Avocados are said to be extremely aphrodisiac. The aztecs called its plant “ahuacatl” or “testicles tree”, because of the shape of this fruit, commonly known as a vegetable. Catholic priests in Spain thought it was so obscene and sexual because of it’s shape, that they banned it for a long time. It is said that its aphrodisiac effects rest particularly in the seed.

2. Cebiche. An everyday dish, all of us know that it has been created to enhance the mood for love. And if it is made with seafood it´s more effective than fish alone.

3. Rocoto relleno (stuffed rocoto). This is an extremely spicy dish from Arequipa (south of Lima), and it is known to represent the fiery Misti volcano from the region. An entree full of burning passion.

  4.Chupe de camarones (shrimp chowder). This typical dish, again from the Arequipa region, is said to have warming and energizing effects, and to be a strong aphrodisiac because of the seafood.
5. Arroz con conchas (rice with scallops). I think it’s pretty clear to everyone that seafood in general is associated with sex, and that most of the sea’s culinary treasures are known to be strongly aphrodisiac. Hence, it won’t be a big surprise that we put this dish here. Other than having the aforementioned pros, it is delicious with a capital D. My mouth waters just by the thought of it. I think I know what I’m having tonight…
6. Leche de tigre (tiger’s milk). The name already says a lot. Leche de tigre is a lemon and fish aphrodisiac concentrate originary from Peru, and is basically the liquid of the ceviche marination. It’s name comes from the white color of this mix, which looks like milk, and the tiger part aludes to it’s potent effects. In some parts of Peru it’s served it with Pisco, and it’s been drank since ancient times for sexual potency. It’s is also known as Peruvian viagra.
7. Trufas de aji (Chili pepper truffles.) Chocolate has been associated with love since pre hispanic times. The Aztecs prepared it as a beverage with chili peppers, unsweetened and very strong. Chocolate is the favorite present for Valentine’s Day, and any other romantic celebration in the whole world.
8. Rompe Calzon (panties breaker). In the Amazon jungle, people are relaxed and playful, and are known to enjoy life and love freely. But truth is, they need help and frecuently ask mother nature for energy and vigor. They make liquors from barks, roots, seeds, leaves of special trees, and swear that these have aphrodisiac powers, hence the funny names. Chuchuhuasi, 7 Raices, and Licor RC, are the base of many cocktails and drinks native to the region and famous for their erotic effects.
9. Orejitas de chancho (pig’s ears). Their heart shape makes them an obvious choice for the day of love, as everyone likes a sweet bite to feel special this day. Read our post about these cookies here.
10. Suspiro de limena (limena’s sigh). This is probably our most romantic dessert. Its poetic name, together with the intense sweetness and sensual silky texture makes it a perfect choice for your sweetheart and you.
11. Merengado de chirimoya (Cherimoya crisp). One of our favorite desserts, this cream, meringue and cherimoya dessert is decadent and sexy in taste, texture, and looks. The cream makes it extremely sensual.
12. Maca. It’s commonly known as the “natural viagra of the Inkas”, and famous for it’s energizing, hormone regulating, and sexual stimulating properties. In Peru they call it “mellicera“, which means that when you consume it, you’re prone to have twins (“mellizos”), because of the sexual potency and fertility it provides. You can eat it fresh, in pills or drops, or add the powder to shakes or to anything you want. For Valentine’s Day, we think a fudgy maca brownie would be perfect, mixing the qualities of chocolate and maca in one sweet treat. In some places it is called Peruvian gingseng, but its properties are so amazing that it deserves to be considered one of nature´s wonders.
13. Leche de pantera (panther’s milk). Just like leche de tigre, but even stronger, some allege. This is the “milk” that results from the marination of a ceviche de conchas negras (black scallop ceviche). It takes a brave person to drink it.
14. Picarones. These fried squash and sweet potato donuts with molasses syrup not only have a sassy name, but also make for a very sexy meal if you eat them with your hands. In Peru “picaron” means naughty, but in a cheeky, playful way. So if you’re in a super sweet and naughty kind of mood, you know what to eat!


  1. What a beautiful presentation of recipes you have! I read most of them, and I think they are very sophisticated and of a very good taste.

    Your photos are very well taken. Your recipes are extraordinary! Congratulations!!!

    This is the first Peruvian website that makes me feel proud of the delicious type of Peruvian food that I grew up with.

    I will be glad to pass it and share it with my friends.

    Warm regards,

    • Peru Delights says:

      Thank you, Rosa!!! You are so nice… que linda!!! Our goal with Peru Delights is to present Peruvian food as it is: delicious and sophisticated, and we´re doing our best to take good photos, and make every recipe approachable. Peruvian home cooking is wonderful, tasty and comforting, and this is what we want the whole world to know about our food. Do you have a favorite recipe? Thanks for visiting.

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