Peruvian piqueos – The art of shared nibbling

Peruvians love to start any meal with a platter of piqueos, which consist of several hot or cold delicacies, that are very well seasoned and served in just the right amount to tempt your tastebuds and get you ready for the main dish. Cebicherías are famous for serving choritos a la chalaca and cancha as nibbles, but fancier restaurants also have a wide selection of savory bites, like the ones you see in these photos.

If you select a cold piqueo platter, you will usually get some cebiche, causa, tiradito, and octopus with black olive sauce.

If you go for the hot bites, on the other hand, then you´ll get chifles, grilled octopus, fish fritters, conchitas a la parmesana, and fried calamari, among many other treats from the sea.

I hope this short description will inspire you to eat the way Peruvians do, and start your next lunch or dinner party with some delicious piqueos. What else do you need? Just some ají amarillo sauce, salsa criolla, and an icy cold chicha morada or beer. Provecho!



  1. Whoa! Beautiful. I’ll take one of each!

  2. So happy to have found this website. My mom is Peruvian so I will have to recommend this site to her… everything looks delicious!

  3. I just got your your book and I was reading on how to make ceviche I do not if you forgot to mention to cook the fish with the lemon for a few minutes .

    • Hi Bradiny. That is the way we make our cebiche, there is no need to marinate the fish in the lime juice. Mix the ingredients and serve the cebiche at once. Thanks for buying our cookbook!

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