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Hello our wonderful readers! Today we want to share with you our interview for NBC Latino from last week. We couldn’t be more delighted to be featured as one of the food blogs they love. How exciting is that? All the hard work seems to be paying off! We also think it’s a great opportunity for you to know a little bit more about us and the behind the scenes of Peru Delights. Hope you enjoy reading it!


Latino food blogs we love: Peru Delights


Mother-daughter duo Morena Cuadra and Morena Escardo blog about delicious Peruvian dishes like the yummy-looking lomo saltado pictured above and offer cooking tips, restaurant recommendations and even an ingredient resource guide on their site, Peruvian Delights. (Photos/Courtesy Morena Escardo)

Who’s blogging
Peru Delights is written by the two of us: mother Morena Cuadra and daughter Morena Escardo.

Explain your blog name: The name came naturally. We write about all the intoxicating flavors, aromas, colors and textures of Peruvian kitchens that delight everyone who comes in contact with them. Peruvians cook incredibly varied foods from scratch every day and enjoy sharing them with family and friends. Our blog is, in a way, an extension of that, but most of all, we want to teach people how easy, tasty and accessible Peruvian food is, despite looking like it´s very difficult and complicated.

Blogging since: April 2011

Where you’re blogging from: Morena Escardo blogs from New York and mom Morena Cuadra blogs from Virgina.

Most popular post13 ways to eat like a Peruvian! Our Peruvian readers love to feel identified with our posts through the food of their childhoods, and our photos and writing bring back all those wonderful memories of growing up in such a food-oriented culture as Peru. We think they loved this article because we are obsessed with food, and nothing better than being reminded visually (or otherwise) of what we love the most.

From our recipes, the most popular are the better known Peruvian dishes, such asPapa a la Huancaina and Suspiro a la Limeña. Dishes that we have in common with other Latin American countries, such as Tres Leches and Pastel de Choclo are also popular. We are impressed with what a sweet tooth people have!

What you’ve learned about food: Anyone can make delicious, healthy and nutritious food with simple ingredients, the way Peruvians did throughout the centuries, using their creativity, and treating ingredients with respect, no matter how humble their origins were. We have a new-found respect for simple foods that highlight the quality of the ingredients. We have learned to not waste anything, and always make the best of every ingredient at hand.

Inspiration for your posts: In Lima, we get inspiration everywhere. When we visit the markets, the fishmongers, when we talk to street food vendors. Food is everywhere, and always fresh and alive. Our friends are fantastic cooks, and every family has glorious recipes. There are also wonderful cookbooks in Peru -mostly in Spanish- that make us drool (and cook) with every turn of the page. The inspiration also come from our (or our readers´) cravings, as we live abroad most of the time and constantly long for our familiar flavors. We try to make our favorite dishes with local ingredients, (or find places where we can eat them) and most of the time, they turn out very good.

Lessons learned from blogging: Blogging about food is a lot of work. At the beginning we didn´t realize how time consuming this was going to be. We wanted to do everything, so that our readers would have material that was very easy to digest (predigested by us!). This year has been a learning process for us, we have been in touch with other bloggers and they have been very friendly and helpful along the way. We have learned to relax and not be such perfectionists, and be confident that people are going to like and appreciate our work, even if we don´t give absolutely ALL the information that we could give. We enjoy it more now, and that is really what this is all about.

Where else can we find you online?: We are on FacebookTwitterPinterest andGoogle+. Against all odds (we are both a bit technology challenged), social media is becoming second nature to us. But it has taken a while! We are also contributors in other blogs, and every time we post in one of them, we mention it in Peru Delights. Examples of these are Spanglish BabySassy Mommy in LAMulticultural Familia and Kwaanza Culinarians.

Favorite blogsMatt Bites is funny and full of wonderful recipes. We´re long time readers of The Kitchn, which has very interesting information, as most of you probably know. We love Smitten Kitchen because it has amazing photos and recipes. The Other Side of the Tortilla is our go-to blog when we need a Mexican recipe, or want to know more about Mexican culture and celebrations. Sweet Life is another of our favorites to find new recipes, especially sweet ones. LBC (Latina Bloggers Connect) is where we go when we want advice on blogging. It´s so educational, and we can get in touch with fellow bloggers there, and get invaluable information from them.


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