It’s National Cebiche Day – These are our favorites

Whenever someone starts a conversation about Peruvian food, the word cebiche is always one of the first to be mentioned. This simple, yet sophisticated-looking preparation of raw fish marinated in lime juice, with the vibrant heat of aji limo, rocoto, or ají amarillo, the sweet contrast of sweet potato, and the crunch of our delicious giant corn, is nowadays enjoyed and loved way beyond Peru´s borders.

In the two years that we’ve been writing this blog, we have posted a few cebiche recipes, or talked about chefs whose expertise is in cebiche making. Classic cebiche, and vegetarian cebiche, have been some of our most popular posts. I don´t think we need a special day to celebrate cebiche, because every single day of the year is a good day to have this light and refreshing dish for lunch. But we nevertheless wanted to join the fun of this National Cebiche Day, and for that we have created a colorful gallery with some of our favorite pictures of this famous dish.

Classic cebiche. / Cebiche mixto @ Chez Wong.

Catch of the day cebiche @ La Picanteria. /  Scallop cebiche @ Sonia.


Seafood cebiche @ La Mar NY.

Cebiche dos tiempos from The Everything Peruvian Cookbook. / Tangerine, ginger cebiche @ Ache

Cebiche Mixto @ Altamar. / Hot Cebiche @ Ache. / Tasting of 5 cebiches @ La Mar Lima.

Sashimi cebiche assortment @ Sushisamba.

Mushroom cebiche & Classic Cebiche.

Add some cancha, chifles, beer or Pisco Sour, and let´s celebrate!!!!


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