#MeatlessMondays – Puca Picante, spicy red nutrition


Puca Picante is a typical dish from Ayacucho, a Southern Andean region famous for its beauty. Puca means red in Quechua, and picante means spicy in Spanish, so the name literally means "spicy red". The intense color of this preparation may surprise foreigners, but vibrant colors are one of the most distinct characteristics of this part of the … [Read more...]

Pastel de acelga (Chard tart) – From Italy to Peru


Italians have always been famous for their cucina povera (poor cuisine), which simply means to make the most from anything that comes to their hands or that the land gives. This type of cooking and eating was the natural result of the lack of jobs and scarce produce in some areas of the boot-like country. When Italians arrived in Peru over 100 … [Read more...]