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Top 10 Peruvian Recipes You Need To Try in 2019

Christmas Rice with Balsamic Syrup

Christmas Rice with Balsamic Syrup

Pork Saltado Sandwich

Sirloin medallions with macho sauce – A seafood feast for brave men

Shrimp with garlic and mushrooms – A gourmet appetizer to enjoy the World Cup

Rice with Duck Peruvian-Style (Arroz con Pato)

Andean Chicken Fritters -Chicharrones Andinos de Pollo

Seafood Stir-fry (Saltado de Mariscos)

Celebrating the Year of the Horse – Fish Anticuchos with Oriental Sauce

Anticuchos de pescado with an oriental sauce that has a sweet and tasty combination.

Roast Chicken with Peaches (Pollo al durazno)

Sprouted Quinoa Milk – Start The Day Right

Maseca Muffins with Huacho Sausage