Cherimoya Alegre

Cherimoya Alegre

Cherimoya Alegre is the simplest, lightest, and most refreshing dessert you'll ever have. No doubt about that. But you will only be able to try it if you find extremely sweet and creamy cherimoyas like the ones we get in every market, street vendor, and corner store in Peru. I need to mention that as much as Peruvians love this dessert, its origin … [Read more...]

14 Sweet Desserts for your Valentine

14 Desserts for your Valentine

This Sunday is a day to celebrate love and friendship, and in my opinion the most fitting gift to express affection is a delicious sweet dessert made with your own two hands. That's why I've chosen 14 of our best desserts published here over the years, to inspire you to go to the kitchen and make one of them with love and appreciation for those … [Read more...]

Chocolate truffles with pasas borrachas – Add a little more nutrition to your holiday fare


I worked together with the California Raisin Marketing Board to create this recipe and was compensated for my time. The opinions below are mine and mine alone and do not represent those of the California Raisin Marketing Board. January 1st marks a very important milestone for me: my first anniversary of being sugar free. On December 31st, 2013, … [Read more...]

#MeatlessMondays – 30 Peruvian dishes every vegan should try

Mazamorra Morada

Last week we shared 22 of our favorite Peruvian dishes for vegetarians. But of course, we are well aware that there's a stricter group of people that can't enjoy many of the foods vegetarians can. So this is for you, vegans of the world. Our 30 favorite vegan Peruvian dishes published so far in this blog. Let's start with some nibbles. If … [Read more...]

Amazing Vegan Chocolate Cake

Vegan chocolate cake. jpg

This chocolate cake is very special for me, because it represents the beginning of my passion for cooking: it is the first recipe I ever made by myself. At that time, -when I was nine years old-, the results were very different each time I baked this cake. I am impatient in the kitchen, and back then this was a real issue. I could not even wait … [Read more...]

Crêpes with dulce de leche – Panqueques con manjarblanco

Crêpes with dulce de leche. jpg 1

One of the sweetest, simplest, and most satisfying  desserts from Lima are homemade crêpes filled with dulce de leche. The crêpes I'm talking about are not as thin and delicate as the French originals, even though they are clearly inspired by them. Maybe this puffier characteristic is the reason why they are called "panqueques" (pancakes) instead. … [Read more...]

Pionono Chocolate Mousse Cake

Bomba de Mousse de Chocolate.jpg

Jelly-rolls are known as piononos in Peru, and are one of the most popular desserts of all time in Lima. This cake, usually stuffed with manjarblanco (dulce de leche), is not only present in many birthday parties, baby showers, first communions, and other social events, but can also be found freshly-baked in most corner stores, where you can get a … [Read more...]

Paneton French Toasts – Making the best of your leftovers

Panetón French Toast. jpg

Christmas may be over, but homes are still filled with December leftovers. In Peru, that means one thing: Paneton. Our version of the Italian panettone is by far the most popular product during the holidays, and most people probably have a few slices still lingering in their kitchens. For them, and for anyone who loves either panettone, or … [Read more...]

Huevo Chimbo – A Latin American Staple

Huevos chimbos. jpg

Huevo chimbo, huevo quimbo, tajadon, tajadon de Trujillo, huevos reales... there are many names for this traditional dessert from the XVI century. We inherited this recipe from Spanish nuns, who were experts in the preparation of many sweets. These talented ladies found in this dessert a delicious way to make good use of leftover egg yolks that … [Read more...]

The dessert of the week: Rice Pudding with Golden Raisins

Rice Pudding with Golden Raisinss

I remember when my mom used to make this dessert for us. It was our special treat after school, and even though we didn´t like it warm -because of the hot weather in Central America-, she always served it like that mostly because she loved it that way. At the time I didn´t like the flavor of the lemon peel or the raisins, but now I love them and … [Read more...]