Refrigerated Strawberry Cheesecake – A gorgeous dessert for Mother´s Day

Refrigerated Strawberry Cheesecake. jpg A

Guest post by Antonella Delfino. I love this recipe for two reasons: it is very easy to make and it is exquisite. It takes 50 minutes to prepare (not much for a dessert), and it has a beautiful presentation. On top of this, the textures of the crust and filling are both amazing and combine perfectly with each other. You can feel the crunchy bite … [Read more...]

Alfajor Capullano – Rediscovering my family’s recipe

Alfajor capullano. jpg

Guest post by Antonella Delfino This recipe has belonged to my family for several years, but I just found it a few months ago.  I heard my family rave about this alfajor over and over again, but had never tried it because, as it turned out, the recipe was lost. The original alfajor used to be prepared by my grandmother, but since I didn’t have … [Read more...]

Crêpes with dulce de leche – Panqueques con manjarblanco

Crêpes with dulce de leche. jpg 1

One of the sweetest, simplest, and most satisfying  desserts from Lima are homemade crêpes filled with dulce de leche. The crêpes I'm talking about are not as thin and delicate as the French originals, even though they are clearly inspired by them. Maybe this puffier characteristic is the reason why they are called "panqueques" (pancakes) instead. … [Read more...]

Paneton French Toasts – Making the best of your leftovers

Panetón French Toast. jpg

Christmas may be over, but homes are still filled with December leftovers. In Peru, that means one thing: Paneton. Our version of the Italian panettone is by far the most popular product during the holidays, and most people probably have a few slices still lingering in their kitchens. For them, and for anyone who loves either panettone, or … [Read more...]

Huevo Chimbo – A Latin American Staple

Huevos chimbos. jpg

Huevo chimbo, huevo quimbo, tajadon, tajadon de Trujillo, huevos reales... there are many names for this traditional dessert from the XVI century. We inherited this recipe from Spanish nuns, who were experts in the preparation of many sweets. These talented ladies found in this dessert a delicious way to make good use of leftover egg yolks that … [Read more...]

The dessert of the week: Rice Pudding with Golden Raisins

Rice Pudding with Golden Raisinss

I remember when my mom used to make this dessert for us. It was our special treat after school, and even though we didn´t like it warm -because of the hot weather in Central America-, she always served it like that mostly because she loved it that way. At the time I didn´t like the flavor of the lemon peel or the raisins, but now I love them and … [Read more...]

One Bowl Moist Chocolate Cake

Moist Chocolate Cake

I don’t think this recipe for a rich, fudgy and syrup-drenched cake is originally from Peru, but it's hugely popular in Lima, and I doubt there is anyone who hasn't eaten this addictive cake at a birthday party celebration once, or many times. Street vendors, restaurants, cafes, corner stores...they all sell this decadent homemade confection, too … [Read more...]

Easy and creamy chocolate mousse with Pisco

Chocolate mousse

This is another of my super easy recipes, and despite being the creamiest dessert on mi list it does not have any cream! As you can see I´m very fond of dessert, and even though I try to eat healthy most of the time, I love to have something sweet several times a week. Sweet treats are the weakness of everyone in Lima, and chocolate mousse is a … [Read more...]

Tres Leches Revisited: A Milky Affair

Tres leches

Tres Leches is our family´s all time favorite dessert. The reason for this is very simple: my mom has the best recipe in the whole wide world. This is not an overstatement, there is no close second that we´ve ever come across. Growing up in Lima, all our friends were crazy about it too, and were very happy that two large containers of cold, … [Read more...]

Caramel-chocolate mousse cake, a jolly addition to our 6 Christmas Treats


I know, I know… this celebratory cake is not a traditional Peruvian dessert, and doesn't have any native Peruvian ingredients, (although we do produce the best organic cacao in the Amazon jungle!), but it´s so divine that I want to share it with all of you as an addition to our first eBook: 6 Christmas Treats, so you get the chance to make it and … [Read more...]